Rain with Yesterday's Snow

11:00 AM - December 15, 2022

       + 3 degrees and Good morning from Bathurst.

         With the 15 cm of snow that fell in Bathurst vicinity over Tuesday night has virtually melted down to 2 to 3 cm with all the rain and plus temperatures we had yesterday. However, we had a different scenario in the Nepisiguit Lodge area where the rain did not do as much damage, but we did lose some level off the 20 plus cm we did have. I'm estimating we are down to 10 to 15 cm, but all that moisture is in the heavy wet snow, which will be good once it freezes up. The same can be said for the snow in the higher ground towards Serpentine on trail 23. 

        Ron Scott's message: """ Looks like we might get started soon. Lamtrac and Piston Bully are at rogers lake now. I am going up today to meet fuel truck and set up the fuel tank. I will see  how much snow there is and I might take a test run with the Lamtrac. There is more snow coming on the weekend. I will get back to you and if there is enough snow I will set up crews of 2 to start out as there will be windfalls to deal with. I will let you know late tonight if there is enough snow to go Friday or do we have to wait for more snow over the weekend""".

      The trails will be open as of today December 15th, which by the way is the last day to register for the early bird trail permit. As for our Neprsiguit lodge, it will not be opened until we have significantly more snow and trails groomed through the lodge area. Another reason being that are renovations have yet to be completed. We will let you know when the above has significantly changed. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you updated on future snow accumulation, which may take place in the few days to come as the forecast looks promising.

      Tickets to our lottery are available on line at  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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