Rain Today + Update 1.30 PM

10:05 AM - January 16, 2023

Update 1:30 PM.    Well, so far so good. Here is an update on the weather so far in Bathurst. The accumulation of snow last night was approximately 8 cm and by morning there was a little bit of ice pellets, nothing to be worried about. Checking on the forecast later today and tomorrow it does not look all that bad. We could be dodging a bullet.

      Good morning from Club #1. It is minus 4° C and snowing here again in Bathurst. There is about 4 cm down, but this is going to change to rain later this morning. It looks like this rain and freezing rain will continue well into tomorrow. This could present some problems especially with freezing rain which of course will haul down branches.

         Both groomers were out yesterday and last night. The #1 came from Rogers Lake down to the Nepisiguit Lodge and back. The #2 left the Nepisiguit Lodge last evening and groomed down to Bathurst to The Host where it is now parked.

       There is a real noticeable difference in traffic at our lodge since we got this storm on Friday. Noticeably there are a lot of sleds from out of province and the lower part of our province well. Looking at the provincial grooming map there is a noticeable amount of extra grooming going on, which is good for our visitors. We caution everyone with the extra traffic on the trails to drive with care and attention.

       Our Thursday Wings night will be sponsored this week by the Hatheway Auto Group. There is a door prize that we are selling tickets on. Our wings night are a great success so let's continue to support.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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