Rain is Finished, Snow is Coming

09:45 AM - January 12, 2020

Sunday, Jan 12th, Club #1
     There wasn’t much going on yesterday except with the weather. They were calling for 7 degree with 5 to 10 mm of rain for most of the week. We received 4 degree with 15 mm of rain and the temps dropped to -5 overnight so if you have a big yard you will probably need skates today. Now they’re still calling for 25 to 35 cm of snow for today with winds out of the North East all day (hmmmm "Noreaster"), so we’ll take the wait and see approach as it still hasn’t begun snowing here in Bathurst. 
     This rain would not do much damage to our existing trails, but we could sure use this snow. All trails were relatively flat before all this mess, so we are at an advantage in that respect. The groomers will be out in the morning providing we can get to the ones up at Rogers Lake and Nepisiguit. We will know more Monday morning and don’t be inquiring with emails and texts “are the trails done yet?”, which is not uncommon. 
     Since it is a little slow here today I have some club statistics to share with you.
December grooming hours: 219 about 100 hours below average. January grooming hours so far: 279 so far where our average is around 715 hours so I would say we are on track for about the same. These are 5 year averages. I keep an excel spread sheet for every hour groomed by the club and each hour is entered every day along with mileage, trails groomed and operators name for that day. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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