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11:00 AM - November 08, 2022

        Good Day to all our members:     This post is strictly featuring our club’s great volunteers. It is at this time of the year where we need our volunteers to step up with getting our shelters ready. First I want to thank Tyler Mullin, our club’s shelter director, who is in charge of our 4 shelters; Nine Mile, Red Pine, Red Brook, and Popple Depot. Under Tyler we have a person directly involved with the care and maintenance of each shelter. Peter Kenny for Nine Mile, Eric Bernier for Red Pine, Shawn Branch and Billy Dempsey for Red Brook, and Marc Hannan for Popple Depot. This structure has worked out beautifully for this year.

     The following pictures show our volunteers at work.

This was the crew at Red Pine this past weekend on wood detail.

Below is the crew from the Red Brook Shelter on Trail 19 towards East Bathurst

Below is the Popple Depot Shelter which was just put into place this past weekend by Marc Hannan and his crew. note new outhouse

Last but not least is our new signature shelter to replace the on at Nine Mile. We want to thank all supporter (financially and material wise) and last but not least, Tyler who made this happen and the volunteers in the build. We will mention all donators and builders in a following post. I'm so proud to see how our club comes together when in need, whether it is for help or otherwise. THANK YOU ALL. You are really appreciated.

       Finally we are going to be so proud of our new look at the Nepisiguit Lodge for this winter. We have been working steady to make it for our opening. Remember that your support at the lodge goes right back into the trail system.  Don Kenny. 30+ year volunteer.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

Click to enlarge. 


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