Nepisiguit Lodge is Open + Get Your Lottery Ticket +

09:00 AM - January 06, 2023

Nepisiguit Lodge is now open for business. Please drop in, Need your support.

Our 50/50 $100,000 lottery tickets are available on line through our web site  and also in person by designated business’s and persons. See below. 

At Nepisiguit Lodge, Lisa & Clayton Chamberlain, Marc Hannan , TylerMullin Curt's Auto Repair, ,  Don Kenny, Bob Comeau, Andre Yoston PEI, Denise LeBreton, Bryce Fisher, and if you want to sell a book for us you could be eligible to win a free permit for next year. This is an important fund raiser for us with the cost of fuel through the roof.

First Wing Night: Thursday, Jan 12  Co-Sponsored by Fix Auto Bathurst and Elm Tree Resources.

Grooming: Ron did a number on the section of trail from the Nepisiguit Lodge out to the 430 Highway on Trail 23. This is always a bad section to get mobile, especially with minimal snow. This section is now good to excellent. The groomers will be out later today. Stay tuned.

Plus: Kevin V went down "The Line" for some final brushing. He reported that section of trail as perfect. See pics below

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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