Nepisiguit, Club #1 News Update

10:00 AM - October 26, 2023

Thursday, Oct 26th, 2023, Club #1

       Just a reminder that Trail Permits are on sale at SNB. For those people from NS and PEI we made arrangements to have permits available to you in Dartmouth and Charletown. We will soon have our newsletter emailed or mailed in the coming weeks to all of last years members. You can check out our “permit” page on our website at     for more details on permit costs and easy access to our own application. Remember Club #1 when signing up for your permit. The “Early Bird permit” will allow you significant savings and if you plan on making a visit north to NB this permit will be cheaper with the early bird than the day permits in some cases.   

        We are continuing with trail improvements and this has been ongoing since early Sept. We also have two major developments in the club for this year. We just purchased a second Pisten Bully equipped with rubber tracks and refurbished the 2022 Pisten Bully with a Brush Cutter.  


                                    Our New 2023 Pisten Bully

Our 2012 Refurbished

 with  Brush Cutter

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

Click to enlarge. 


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02:00 PM - November 27, 2023
09:00 AM - November 22, 2023
10:00 PM - November 16, 2023
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