Most Trails Have seen a Groomer over the Last Three Days

08:00 AM - January 21, 2021

Thursday  Club #1

     With this past 40 cm under us it is becoming much easier to make a Trail Report. According to our grooming crew we have 85% of our trails in decent condition, but there are areas where we could use more snow to help better the conditions. Our problem areas are where there is no established roads, but in those areas the conditions are very doable so we urge you to slow down. You’ll see these spots between Bathurst and Nepisiguit Lodge and once we get more snow they will become better as we move forward.

     We seen the #2 groomer run early yesterday morning from Rogers Lake Trail 23 to East Bathurst Trail 19 for minor adjustments. Then yesterday around noon we got Big Blue, our #3 unit up to the Nepisiguit Falls area from East Bathurst on Trail19/23. That groomer will be permanently stationed there for the winter. It has seen major upgrades in the off season with all brand new cleats, which gave us problems last year. It should be a big improvement with traction as well. I might add that we have three groomers that will be strategically located; one at Nepisiguit Falls, one at Rogers Lake, and one either at the shop in East Bathurst or the Atlantic Host in Bathurst.

    Last nights grooming: The #1 with Roger, Rogers Lake to Nepisiguit on Trail 23, from Nepisiguit to Nine Mile Shelter, Trail 22, Trail 507 down to Red Pine Shelter and back to Rogers Lake. The #2 with Jacob, East BAthurst Shop Trail 19 to Bass River, Turn and headed to Atlantic Host on Trail 19.

     Our Nepisiguit Lodge is open every day at 10AM, and we are running until 10 AM every day except for Sunday 7PM. We are also selling our lotter tickets from the lodge so if you haven't purchased one yet and you're passing by, think of picking one up or even sharing the ticket expense with some other person or persons. And if you feel so inclined you can purchase it on-line at or clicking on the above lottery button on this page.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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