Merry Christmas

03:55 PM - December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas from Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club
         At this time we want to wish all of our members and all those who faithfully log on here at Bathurst Trails a very merry & joyful Christmas and a big THANK YOU for all of your support.
        I also want to extend a Merry Christmas to all of our sponsors. We can't thank you enough for all the support that you give to our club. Without you we would not be able to put out the product that all of members expect. 
       We also wish a Merry Christmas  to all our Lodge staff and our Groomer operators.
We hope that you and yours have a very safe and happy Christmas and oh yes, drop us some snow!! 
Just a little add-on: Pray for more snow.

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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