Low Temperatures + Update #1 10.20

10:00 AM - January 19, 2020

Update #1 1040 AM.     The #1 was scheduled to run back to Rogers Lake, but Ron ordered it to the Garage in East Bathurst for a deicing and maintenance. We have to protect our workhorse with making sure it is in top shape as we're down a unit with the # 2 on the fritz.

Sunday, Jan 19th, Club #1
    We are in the beginning of a 5 cm flurry, which will last until this evening.
     It is a balmy -17 this morning in Bathurst, a real heat wave from the -25 recorded last evening. Seriously these temperatures are very dangerous and an accident in these conditions can be life threatening, so please sled with caution out there on the trails. It is also serious for all groomer operators, but they have heat in their cabs and most have back-up. 
     Last night we moved Big Blue to Rogers Lake to get some of the western side of our system looked after. Once there we had an operator change out and it left for Governors and is now on its way back at post. The #1 is running from Rogers Lake to the Host in Bathurst and is still on the trail at post. At 5 AM Troy was about two hours from reaching the Host. On a side note, Troy will do the 502 on the way back to Rogers Lake, which will be sometime during this evening. The trail set-up after the groomer passes is about 5 to 10 minutes at these temperatures.  We are officially down to two groomers with the #2 out for hopefully less than a week due to a Cummings engine failure. The engine had to be shipped to Fredericton due to warranty.
    Trails should remain decent over these few days and traffic was steady throughout Saturday despite the low temperatures. See grooming map below. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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