10:00 AM - October 02, 2020

          Given our current state with the Corona Virus this surely is going to be a difference maker in the operations of Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile Club #1. We can’t sit idly by and wait until it is too late to take action, so as stated in our August 25th entry the executive is being pro active in preparing for the coming season. 
          With the huge amount of grooming we do each year we have relied on fund raisers to subsidize our grooming and trail maintenance costs. We groom well over 2,000 hours each year, which is the highest by far in the province. These fundraisers were in the form of our famous Wednesday Night Suppers, two other events such as the Famous Danny Burger Run & our Wings & Mussels Fest. These events bring in a total of $45,000.00. 
         Our lodge also is a major fund raiser as well with all profits from that operation going into trail grooming as well and this is an unknown factor that we can’t predict as we will have business as usual, but limited to social distancing. We are assuming at this time that this will affect our bottom line here as well.           Considering the above factors the club has decided that the only way that we can replace these fund raisers is by having a lottery. Here are some details on the lottery: We are planning on selling 1000 tickets at $100 per ticket and we feel that with over 1400 members this would not be a hard sell plus the fact that we will be selling to the local public as we have a very loyal base here in the vicinity of Bathurst. The prize structure will be on a 50 – 50 draw with the winning tickets getting the full 50% in cash only and the second 50% to the club which will include all expenses such as ticket printing plus advertising. We decided there will be cash prizes only due to the fact that our corporate sponsors are going through the same dilemma. We would ask all members who use the trail system to support this fund raiser but particularly those who use the system substantially through the season. This will ensure we can continue to provide a first class trail system for everyone in 2021. 
        The draw will be prorated in case we don’t get to sell the 1000 tickets and if we sell them all before the closing date of February 14 on which date we will be making the draw at Bathurst City Hall. Judging by the response from members we should have no trouble selling these tickets. The tickets will be available on line through our web site and also in person by designated persons by November 1st  
         Prize structure: First Place $25000, Second Place $10,000, Third Place $5,000, Fourth to Sixth place $1000, Seventh to Twelfth Place $500, Thirteenth to Twentieth $300, Twenty first to Thirty Sixth $100. 

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