Lot of Clubs Grooming with What They Have to Work With + Update #1 11 AM

10:00 AM - January 05, 2020

Update: 11 AM   #1 heading for Mt Carleton from Rogers Lake Trail 23  and 504
                             #2  Heading for The Host from NSL on Trail 23 and 19
                             #3  Heading for Nepisiguit Sports Lodge from Rogers Lake on Trail 23
Sunday, Jan 5th, Club #1
    We finally made it to Serpentine without a hitch. The #1 groomer turned there last night at around 8 PM and is still on the trail 23 (Piston Alley) at post. Since Governors opened the Piston Alley is getting lots of traffic and we also sent the #3 (Big Blue) up there last night.  
    Traffic is beginning to where we like to see it through Nepisiguit Lodge. Our lodge is now officially open as of Thursday and we’re seeing decent traffic. Some trails are not where we would like to see them, but given the amount of snow we have, they are very doable. I’m hearing some people complaining with the trails and there is absolutely no reason to do so giving that there is not enough snow to do a decent job, then given the fact that we’re supporting half the maritime traffic then add to that +3C temperatures. I’m sure a lot of clubs are experiencing the same issues we have to help overcome some woods/roads that are usually not even passable in the summer. Hats off to the clubs in the peninsula and the Miramichi that they’re doing their best to open up trails for their members as well. MIramichi Valley did the 52 up to Trail 23 at Nepisiguit. Neguac club groomed 48 through the Bonne Route to Trail 52. Tracadie Club groomed the 23 from Tracadie to Trail 19. So you can see that the clubs are doing their best to get some traffic in their areas to get some loops opened up. I’m sure that they are also dealing with issues that require more snow. So let’s be a little forgiving when it comes to conditions as the clubs are only doing their best with what they have to work with. As you get a little north trails are a little better to in some cases, awesome. 
     First Wednesday night supper at the lodge Jan 8

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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