Looks Like Good Sledding Weather

10:00 AM - February 08, 2023

       After going through a bit of deep freeze, it looks like the weather is turning for the weekend with good sledding temperatures. This past weekend saw a lot of big drifting plus downed trees on the trails. The Operators had their hands full cleaning up on huge drifts and downed trees.

       Both the #1 & #2 groomers were running 24-7 up until last night. The #1 just got back from Piston Alley and then went around the California Loop. It groomed all clusters along that loop and back to Rogers Lake. The #2 didn't stop as well. It came from Bathurst and did a big scrub between Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake.  Once back at Nepisiguit we had an operator change at which time it proceeded back down towards East Bathurston Trails 23 & 19 and on to Bass River. It was still on the trail early this morning. They are at rest as of early this morning. Ron hopes to get the #3 "Big Blue" fixed up today. It means removing the track to get new stesuds on one of the main drive wheels. At present our trails are running from a 7 to a 10.  Going forward it is shaping up to be a busy week on the trails. All of our trails will have seen grooming over the last three days and some, multiple times.

     This weeks wings Night is sponsored Gilles Basque Sales. Thursday night 5 to 8 PM They sponsored a beautiful prize, a gas powered pressure washer (Tickets 3 for $5.00) See all our events at

      We had an executive meeting last night at the Atlantic Host. There are a lot of positives happening with the club. 

      Great to meet my friend Paul S  last night. Good to see you and in good health.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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