Little Damp for Grooming Last Night

09:00 AM - March 18, 2022

Good Morning: +3 in Bathurst and it looks like a great day on the trails with sun and +9.

        Hope everyone had a nice St Patty’s day. Trails remain great despite the little bit of mild yesterday. Spoke to numerous sledders yesterday and all said trails were excellent. They will be losing a cm or two off of the great base we have each day as the mild weather is creeping in. We only had one groomer out last night and that was mainly due to the fact that we had to take it to the shop in East Bathurst last night from Nepisiguit. We’ll see how the weather goes today.

     On another note we want to thank last night’s wing sponsor at the lodge. A big thank you to Gilles Basque Sales Auto Parts Plus. There was a consistent crowd of at least 100 people in and out of the lodge. Overall, it was a great night for the Lodge. Thank You all.

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For on-line click  This is a chance to win 1st $25,000, 2nd $10,000, 3rd $5000, 4th to 6th 1000, 7th to 12th $500, 13th to 20th $300, and 21st to 36th $100. We getting down to the nitty gritty if you’re looking to get in on the draw this coming Sunday, March 20. If all tickets aren’t sold, the draw will revert to a 50/50 draw as indicated on the ticket. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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