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10:00 AM - January 14, 2023

 Update 3:15 PM      The #1 is on Nine Mile East heading to Nepisiguit. It just completed the Cal Loop. The #2 Just fueled up at the Atlantic Host and will be headed back on Trail 19 East to East Bathurst and Bass River. Judging by how long it took, I’m sure the operators had their hands full.

Update 11.30 AM:    The #1 groomer made it to Rogers Lake on Trail 23. On the way to Rogers Lake he did the Austin Bk 502, Doucet Cluster and Shady Lane 509. It will return to Nepisiguit via Red Pine Shelter, 507, 22, Nine mile shelter. Once there it will continue back to Trail 23, 22 to the 301 late this afternoon (operator logistics). The #2 is about 2 hours away from the Atlantic Host in Bathurst. It will return on Trail 19 east to East Bathurst and Bass River.

Update 6.30 AM:        Since both Groomers were parked at Nepisiguit Lodge this was ideal to begin grooming this new snow. The boys got to their machines around 4 AM. The #1 with Mickey is off towards Rogers Lake on Trail 23. He is currently doing the Austin Bk Cluster (502) on the way by. He is about 2 to 3 hours from Rogers Lake. The #2 with Jacob aboard is on the way to Bathurst (he did the Falls Community 505 on the way by). He is currently in Big River approaching highway 430 (about 3 to 4 hours from the Host). Jacob has all the road crossings to clean up so this will delay him a bit.  next update at 11 AM

   -3 in Bathurst and still snowing. We received 20 to 35 cm of snow yesterday and about 5 mm of rain on top of that. After about 5 hours of light rain it turned back to snow. At present it is snowing lightly and will continue throughout the day.

         Ron has the two groomers parked at the lodge in anticipation of this storm. The two groomers will leave simultaneously with #1 groomer out to Rogers Lake on trail 23 and the #2 heading for the Atlantic host in Bathurst on trail 19.  And no, the trails are not groomed yet. We'll keep you posted.

       On another note, we have the outhouse at 9 Mile shelter repaired yesterday during the snowstorm. Thanks to Peter Kenny who got that job done. Great volunteers! Get your 50/50 ticket yet. They are available on line (click the button at top of page and or at the Nepisiguit Lodge.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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