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10:00 AM - January 30, 2022

Update  4 pm:  the  trail from  the Atlantic Host to Rogers Lake has been broken through.  The #2 is now headed to East Bathurst. 

 Update  1.30. #1 is 1 hour from the lodge from Rogers Lake.  #2  is 2 hours from reaching the lodge from  the Host in Bathurst. 

Update 11 am. #1 just left from Rogers Lake to Nepisiguit lodge. Also #2 just left Atlantic Host to Nepisiguit lodge.  It will be slow going with all the drifts.

Update 9am: There is still blizzard conditions and as long as this continues, the groomers will remain on standby. For those who want to get out and play,  don't go alone. If you decide to go, let someone know, where, for how long, hopefully within cell phone coverage and have some sort of plan for breakdown, or getting stuck. When the groomers get moving don't expect everything to be groomed up in a day. Those people caught at their camps, stay put unless you have multiple people with sleds.

   It's still snowing out there and with the wind it is hard to tell how much snow we did get except what we hear on the news and that's 25 CM.. I will update later when the groomers start moving. The first runs will be from the Atlantic Host and Rogers Lake, both towards Nepisiguit. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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