It was a Relatively Busy Weekend on the Trails + Update 9 AM + Update 10.15 AM

05:00 AM - March 15, 2021

Monday   Club #1

Update 10.15 AM: -13 degrees at post. The #1 groomer left Rogers Lake to Red Pine and is in the process of doing the California Loop run including all camp clusters. The #2 is on Trail 19 about two hours from the Atlantic Host in Bathurst.  

Update: 9 AM    The #2 groomer is up to Trail 23/19 intersection and is heading for the Host in Bathurst. The #1 has yet to start, but maybe it's GPS battery is too low so it isn't registering movement.

     With it being cold today and with minimal traffic Ron is going to send the boys out on a day run starting early this morning. The #1 groomer with Rogerwill groom out of Rogers Lake to Red pine shelter and back to Rogers lake, then Trail 23 to 509(shady lane), Doucet cluster out to NMS north on Trail 22, Nine mile cluster, 22 north to Trail 508 (40 cluster), then 22-507 out to Red Pine shelter turn and reverse back to Rogers lake. Hence the California Loop. The #2 groomer with Jacob, shop Trail 19 to Highway 360, down to Atlantic Host, fuel, then turn and do the 501 and 500, then carry on to Nepisiguit Lodge and the Trail 505. We’ll be parking the #2 at the Lodge for the time being. Trails are in decent shape.

     Groomer operator Bryan sent Ron a little trail report with concerns: (Trail 19) Trails to Host are very thin with many spots of gravel showing. Ponds that we normally groom over are overflowing in spots. Placed cones at ones pond. Along highway the usual holes are once again holes. Filled with what I could round up, but not much to choose from. The sides of trails have receded and frozen and it is hard to get snow back on trail.

    What a change in weather and temperatures took over the past few days. It went from +9 through Thursday and now we are in a little freeze again until Wednesday. The soft temps make it difficult for grooming, but Ron and crew were right back on it after the temps dropped. Looks like night grooming only once we hit Wednesday and Thursday with no significant precipitation through until next Monday. Ron will be touching up the trails through the week. Time is really flying by with only a month officially left in the snowmobile season. As I mentioned here last month, with very little frost in the ground, I wonder how the trails will last this year. We all know that in the past years we normally would see sleds on the trail into May, especially in the High ground.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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