High Temps and High Traffic. Trails took Punishment Yesterday + Update

09:00 AM - March 21, 2021

Sunday  Club #1

Update 7.30 AM: We made it to the Atlantic Host with the #2, but we couldn’t make the return trip to the Nep Lodge due to a hyd oil pressure alarm. The #1 is still on the trail. After reaching the Nep Lodge, it back tracked to Nine Mile Shelter and proceeded to the 22/301 intersection on Trail 22. It is now on its way back to Rogers Lake. We did what we could, but giving the weather and the traffic, trails will take another beating today. It looks like Chaleur club has been out along with Miramichi up trail 52 to the lodge. Headpond is still very safe to cross, but could be hampered by surface water. Not many groomers out last night around the province.

With higher than the expected temperatures forecasted for yesterday and along with the busiest weekend this winter and (Oh yes the first day of spring as well) the trails tot hammered. With probably the last day for a while with low night temps, Ron sent out the #1 & #2 groomers late last night. We just did the main stretches close to the groomer bases as the grooming window was quite narrow. We’ll do what we can with not big expectations.

    Groomer runs: #1 left Rogers Lake around 9.30 PM last night towards Nepisiguit and the #2 left Nepisiguit for the Atlantic Host in Bathurst at around 10 PM. I will update this morning on their runs.

     My eyes in the woods report for yesterday: Trails took a beating today, went by nine mile and had to be 60 sleds around the shelter, Nepisiguit was very busy and so was Rogers Lakes, trails were very choppy this morning from 44 to the Lodge but softer on the way back this afternoon, haven’t seen that many sleds in a long time, there was a waiting line at Rogers lakes and a 20 deep waiting line for fuel.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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