Grooming Starts NOW!

07:00 AM - December 15, 2020

Tuesday, Dec 15th, Club #1

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      Let snowmobiling on groomed trails begin. This is the first day for our groomers to hit the trails. We’ll have the #1 out of Rogers Lake first thing this morning. I’m not sure if the tracking system was working as it didn’t appear so in last night’s check. We will e testing the “waters” from Rogers Lake to Governors. Our groomers won’t be going to Serpentine for the first time since inception. Governors to Serpentine will be handled by the Park groomers. This is there call, but we will offer help if called upon.

      Here are the conditions from Bathurst to Rogers Lake: Not enough snow to cover all the booboos in the trail from Atlantic Host to Nepisiguit (Trail 19 east). This is the same from East Bathurst to Nepisiguit (Trail 19 West). We need more snow and more FREEZE. From Nepisiguit to Nine Mile East on Trail 23 there is about 10 inches, but there is a mud bog about 7 Km from the lodge. The head pond at Nepisiguit is not frozen enough for any traffic. DO NOT CROSS. I’m assuming at this time that the Miramichi club will not be on the 52 north as well.

      Nepisiguit Lodge will not be open just yet as there is no traffic to and from there. A lot has to happen in regards to conditions before we can make the lodge viable. Once open we are bound by Covid restrictions with seating arrangements. Your cooperation is needed once we open. We will be serving food and beverage as per Restaurant guidelines.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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