Grooming + Follow-up on a Safety Message

09:00 AM - February 18, 2021

Thursday,    Club #1

      The boys put in a big day yesterday and are still on the move. The next step is going over everything again. We basically covered every Trail at least once out and once back. We had at least 25 cm down in the Bathurst area, which will add to our base once it is groomed.

      On the lottery payouts we sent 90% of the cheques and the locals were mostly hand delivered. People outside of Bathurst were sent by mail. We want to thank everyone who participated in the lottery and got plenty of positive feedback, which is a credit to our committee.

     A little follow up on a previous safety message: Driving on your side of the trail: Just a small question you might ask yourself: When you are in your car “Would you be content on driving on the left side of the road, or even in the middle?” so here is the message; Stay on the right side, especially in corners.

      80 to 90 % of our trails are of the wide variety here at Nepisiguit (20 ft), but there are areas that are not so wide. In this day and age with so many riders on the trails, we still have people taking corners and blind knolls on the opposite side of the trail. I’m sure everyone out there has experienced this, with many experiencing near misses. One has to realize that you have to slow down making turns, because your sled does drift, some more than others and yes there are other people using the trails other than yourself.

    Of course there are the strait stretches and in a lot of cases they are up to 25 ft wide and more. You still see people running right down the center of the trail, snow dust and all. Think of the person that is coming from the other direction dealing with your snow dust and meeting your buddy following your tracks with his sheep mobile down the center of the trail. I’m going to spell it out for you: S T A Y O N Y O U R S I D E

This is what happens when there are high speeds involved on turns or you don't stay on your own side. Happened in Quebec

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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