Grooming Continues

10:00 AM - January 31, 2024

     Yesterday we managed to get the trail 501 groomed down towards the Quality Inn  and Civic Center.  It was a bit difficult as sections ran through ditches of the Ryan Road.  It also groomed back to Nepisiguit and up to highway 430,  then into Austin Brook cluster 502, and back to Nepisiguit lodge on trail 23.

       It's a sickening and disgusting thing to here that the battery used for lights in Nine mile Shelter was stolen.  Over the years this has to be in the neighborhood of 10 batteries that have gone missing from the shelters and the sad thing is that it is more than likely a fellow snowmobiler. Where is the honor? Thankfully we do have great members and one, Tanner Beaton has graciously donated a replacement.  Thank you Tanner. 

What to do with your garbage:

In your car when driving:

When you’re finished your Tim’s coffee, Roll down the window and chuck it.

When you’re finished your MacDonald’s Meal, Roll down the window and chuck it.

When you’re finished your can of soda, Roll down the window and chuck it.

Out on your snowmobile:

When you’re finished your canned drink, just throw it on the side of the trail.

When you’re finished your bagged lunch, just throw the remains on the side of the trail.

When you’re at the shelters, just throw your garbage on the ground, someone will pick it up.

Did you ever hear of anything so ludicrous, to think that people actually think that way. PLEASE DON’T THROW YOUR GARBAGE. If you brought it with you, then you can take it home or dispose at a proper disposal, for example; a garbage can or bag. It looks like a big barrel and usually has a plastic bag in it. Does this make sense? YES!!!!!! Let’s take this mind set with you out on the trails.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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