Groomers were out Last Night

09:00 AM - January 29, 2021

Friday   Club #1  

   Due to the lack of good grooming snow on Trail 19 from the Host to East Bathurst and Bass River we are moving the #2 groomer to Nepisiguit Falls. These trail are perfectly doable and have been groomed for the last time on Wednesday night. These trails are too hard on our equipment and this is the reason for stopping until we get some good snow. Until that time we’ll play it by ear. I noticed that some of our tails are actually getting wore out as we are losing trail base every day with the sun getting higher and out longer as the year pushes on. February is right around the corner and the season is getting smaller. All trails east of the Lodge through Rogers Lake and up to Mt Carleton and Serpentine. We had two groomers out Last night with the #2 from Nepisiguit to Rogers Lake and the #1 from Rogers Lake to Governors. See map below.

      I spoke with Alyre from Serpentine last night and he has got his phone fixed, however; when I was speaking to him it was cutting out from my end. He said he could hear me, but in the end I could not make out what he was saying. He said he would call me back this morning.

     Did you get your lottery ticket yet? We have sold over 700 tickets and given that we have less than three weeks left to sell the remaining 250 or so tickets. We’re hoping for all who never purchased maybe go spitting a ticket with a friend or multiple friends. At least, this way you could be in on a chance to win a prize. We will be pushing to sell our remaining tickets for the draw. (Note: See details and reasons for the draw by going to ) and support local tourism, which is all what our club is about. The draw will be prorated in case we don’t get to sell the 1000 tickets. Tickets available at: Nepisiguit Lodge, Kerr's Chainsaw Ltd. Bradley Kerr City Center. Claude Doucet, Brunswick Powersports Yves Mazerollel, Curt’s Auto Repair, Mike Skerry, Marc Hannan, Clayton Chamberlain, Denise Lebreton Pokemouche 727-8398, David Carroll , Bob Comeau, Dave Brewster, Richard Dobson, Fenton Hickey.

Trails going into Friday 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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