Groomers Out + Update 8.30 + Update 1.45 PM

09:00 AM - January 27, 2023

Update 1.45 pm: All three groomers are still on the move at post. They hit the trails at around 4:30 a.m. The #1 now on trail 22 North to the 22/301 intersection . It also did the five 508 and the 509 . The #2 just left the Nepisiguit Lodge towards East Bathurst and Bass River on trail 19. The #3 has completed 23 plus the Austin Brook cluster and is now at the Nepisiguit lodge. 

Update 8:30 AM.   All three groomers are on the move at post. They hit the trails at around 4:30 a.m. The #1 Pisten Bully left Rogers Lake on trail 23 towards Nine Mile shelter. It has been parked there since 7:00 a.m.. I'm not sure what the problem is. The #2 left the Atlantic host on trail 19 and is headed towards the Nepisiguit Lodge. The #3 is on trail 23 out of the Nepisigui Lodge towards Nine Mile shelter. At the end of the day we should see at least 50% of our Trails groomed. I will keep you updated.

Safety: STOP AHEAD means that there is a stop sign at least 100 meters ahead. When you see this sign please slow down to address the stop sign. When you get to the stop sign it means what it says STOP. It doesn’t mean “”step on it””. There are many stop signs on the trail system and some cross public driveways. You may think this is funny, but it is very serious, so please obey the stop signs and if you notice that there is a stop ahead or a stop sign missing please contact the club responsible for these signs. I'm advising all clubs to copy this safety message and post it on their FB page or web site. This is a serious matter and the clubs are getting these complaints from a lot of concerned citizens. Thanks in advance.

      We will have the groomers out this morning after the 20 cm of snow and about 5 mm of rain yesterday. We were spared the worst part of this precipitation as we did not get the predicted rain fall. The Sun came out late afternoon and temperatures began to drop later in the evening. It was another successful wing night at our lodge. Many thanks to John and Darlene off Discovery Drill Manufacturer for sponsoring last night's event.

        Trail report from Gary NS. We left Nepisiguit on Tuesday morning and went out through Austin brook cluster and Shady lane to rogers lake. Left there on trail 23 piston alley ,smooth as a airplane runway to governors popple depot shelter. Then continued on trail 23 to Serpentine. Had a visit with Aylre for lunch. From there we went on Candy cane trail towards Mt Carleton park and then turned on trail cupid back towards trail 23 followed back to popple depot shelter. Then we took 503 over to Simpsons field trail 19 ,then into Island lake. After having a coffee we left on trail 19 connected to trail 22 all the way back to Nepisiguit. It was a beautiful trip all trails were good to Excellent, snowmobilers paradise up here in the true north.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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