Groomers are out

10:00 AM - January 15, 2023

     Well we finally got the storm that we were looking for. Ron had the groomers out early yesterday morning and they were on the trails all of the day Sunday and into last night. We had two changes of operators to keep the machines running. What has been groomed so far is all trails West and East of Bathurst. Trails 19 East and west, Trail 23 all the way to Red Pine shelter, Trail 22 from 9 Mile shelter to the 301/ 22 intersection and back down the  507 to Red Pine shelter as well as all clusters.

        With all of this snow down it definitely will require regrooming.  This will come in the days to follow. Ron will be moving the third groomer, big blue, up to Nepisiguit by Monday or Tuesday. This will help in getting our Trails up to snuff.

         With this snow all clubs have their groomers on the trails and that will sit good with all snowmobilers. The clubs from the Peninsula have made the connections coming west to Bathurst on trail 23. Trail 19 between Bass River and Paquetville has yet to be completed. I'm not sure what is happening with Trail 52 south of the head pond. There has been traffic across the head pond at Nepisiguit.

       Our club #1 is just over 400 hours groomed so far this season and as all know the price of grooming has really spiked this year considering the price of fuel and it is all the more reason that you can help us out by purchasing a ticket to our 50/50 $100,000 Lottery. Tickets are available online, at our Nepisguit lodge and from private sellers.

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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