Groomers are on the Move

09:55 AM - March 11, 2020

Update: 8.15 AM
#1 left Rogers Lake for Serpentine Trail 23 at 6.30 AM
# 2  Left East Bathurst for Nepisiguit Trail 19 & 23 at 7.00 AM
#3  Left Nepisiguit on Trail 23 (now on 502 Austin Bk Cluster) then to Rogers Lake.
Wednesday, Mar 11th, Club #1
    -5 in Bathurst and we might have 7 to 10 cm down since yesterday, so it is far short of what they were calling for. Ron will have the groomers on the move today. The snow is of the really salty variety, not great for grooming, but we’ll take anything to buffer out any future mild spells, which seem to predominate the weather going forward. I will update as soon as he groomers move from their locations at Rogers Lake, Nepisiguit and the East Bathurst areas. 
    Our suppers are on for tonight and Thursday, but unfortunately all tickets are sold.  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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