Groomers are all out as of 1PM + Update +11.45 AM Update + 2.30 PM Update

09:00 AM - February 28, 2020

Update 2.30 PM: #1 and 3 groomers are up and running. The #1 is around the Cal Loop and on Trail 22     
     to the 22/301 intersection. The #3 Big Blue is on its way to Rogers Lake.
Update 11.45: They just opened the highway 430 to Rogers Lake so it will be a couple of hours for the #1        Ron will be pulling into the Nepisiguit Lodge shortly.
Update 8.30 AM: #2 groomer left East Bathurst at 8 AM. Heading for Nepisiguit then the Host. Trail 19
Friday, Feb 28th, Club #1 
    It is -3 in Bathurst at post. Well, that was a nIce little storm that just blew by us in the matter of five to six hours and there was 25 cm down by 11 PM with not much more overnight. The groomers should be out as soon as the boys get to them. The #1 is at Rogers Lake. The #3 is at Nepisiguit. The #2 is at the shop in East Bathurst. It should be decent snow to groom as it is packed in with the strong winds we had. At present winds are out of the east, but will dramatically shift to the west and south/west sometime this morning, which usually brings more of a warmer type atmosphere.
    I will update you as soon as each groomer hits the trails. In the meantime if anyone is ready to do some “off trailing” on signed trails, try to widen the tracks as you go. It will help the grooming process immensely.  Drive safe.
    As I said in yesterday’s report, “this snow will be good, but I feel it is too little too late as new snow does not have the staying power that we have in the old snow”, especially in the base. We’ll see what next week brings.
   The Danny Burger run is on for Saturday. Read previous posts for details. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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