Great Weather for Snowmobiling

09:00 AM - February 11, 2021

Thursday  Club #1

    With the trails relatively quiet plus the huge bit of grooming the #1 did on Tuesday and Wednesday Mickey was out again with it again from Rogers Lake Trail 507, Trail 22 to the 301,22 intersection, then we had the #3 out last night on Trail 23 from Nepisiguit down the line as far as the Rt 360 then turn and head to Roger Lake. Ron was out on his sled checking all of the trails from East Bathurst to the Host and the only bad section was that miserable piece near the CNR tacks in Gloucester Juntion on Trail 19. Otherwise the trails were hard and flat. The trails were again relatively quiet as far as traffic was concerned. That could change tomorrow as we head into the weekend with some great snowmobiling weather in the forecast.

      We are officially sold out of all of our lottery tickets. We want to thank all who participated in the lottery and all those who purchased tickets. This lottery was conceived in lieu of our inability to fund raise due to Coved 19. We would normally raise close to $45,000 with these fund raising events to help support our massive grooming efforts each year.

    It was touch and go with ticket sales and forced us to almost go with an extension date, but with a final push in the last two weeks we made it to the end on Wednesday. It was a great relief to the committee members and now we are planning for the draw this Sunday Feb 14 at Bathurst City Hall at 1 PM. Mayor Lee Stever will be in attendance along with our committee members as well as our executive. Dave Brewster will represent the club with the draw. We plan on live streaming or video which will be shown later. The names taken out of the drum will be in descending order of prizes. First name to be drawn will be the $25,000 first prize winner and so on and so forth. First Place $25000, Second Place $10,000, Third Place $5,000, Fourth to Sixth place $1000, Seventh to Twelfth Place $500, Thirteenth to Twentieth $300, Twenty First to Thirty Sixth $100. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

Thank You Again

Don Kenny on behalf of the Lottery Commitee

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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