Great day Grooming Yesterday

08:00 AM - December 19, 2020

Saturday, Dec 19th, Club #1

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      We had a good day grooming yesterday with Roger doing the complete Cal Loop and more importantly, Nine Mile East into the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge on Trail 23. You must note, however that the section from Nine Mile East to the lodge will be on the rough side as there is not enough snow to do a really good job on that section. It was mainly done to get the surface compacted down and let a base begin. Also note the trail into Rogers Lake from Nine Mile West is shared for 3Km with a woods operation.

      Bryan and Jacob will be out testing our new groomer on a double run on Piston Alley. We want that trail as wide and as flat as we can get it and make it our signature trail in the system.

      We will have news soon on our lodge opening date, but will be rather slow traffic wise as the trails from Bathurst & the Miramichi need more snow.

      For our members from outside the province, mainly NS & PEI, we are hoping as well as you are that the BUBBLE will become ONE again soon. I'm getting a lot of calls on this and there is not much I can tell you other than I'm hoping early in the New Year is the time. Keep your chin up.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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