Got Through a Busy Weekend

10:00 AM - January 06, 2020

Monday, Jan 6th, Club #1
     -7 in Bathurst. There was an abundance of traffic in the system Friday through Sunday and the groomers were doing their best to keep up. Trail 23 seen most of the traffic and the groomers were on the move most of the time through that time period. We got the Trail 23 from Rogers Lake to Serpentine done on Saturday and the #1 covered the trail from Rogers Lake to Mount Carleton (23 & 504) done yesterday. The trail From Rogers Lake though Nepisiguit to the Atlantic Host (23 &19) was done Saturday night and yesterday. The #1 just got back from Mt Carleton a few hours ago and the #3 unit is still on the trail. 
     The temperatures have not been our friend over the last few days as well, so setting up has been an issue with keeping the trails up, but looking forward there are signs that this could change. We could also use much more snow in certain areas and I see the snow that was forecasted for Wednesday is now down to a 5 cm flurry. 
    Look over the attached grooming map. Green is the last 48 hours and yellow is beyond 48 hours. There is a problem with the 504 (should be green) on the map ever since we started grooming it. Trails in black are closed and our 503 is closed due to logging operations on trail 19. Our latest info on this operation is that they should be finished on January 15. Just a note on trails south and east of us. Miramichi Valley did the 52 up to Trail 23 at Nepisiguit. Neguac club groomed 48 through the Bonne Route to Trail 52. Tracadie Club groomed the 23 from Tracadie to Trail 19. I’m not sure of the conditions of these trails other than they could possibly use more snow. The park groomer is now grooming so the Candy Cane and Trail 23 from the park to Serpentine is now groomed and given that the 504 (getting great reviews on this trail) is open, this makes for a must loop. 
    First Lodge Supper this Wednesday night at 6.30 PM call 548-9174 for tickets. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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