Good Week Without Good Snow

08:00 AM - January 12, 2021

Tuesday,   Club #1     There was traffic out of Rogers Lake (now open) this weekend, which is positive news for sledders. It is great weather however for snowmobiling. Decent going to (Serpentine note that phone system is still not working) on Trail 23. Nepisiguit Lodge is still not open due to lack of snow to and from the venue.

     The weather going forward for the next two weeks has no positives with the possibility of big rain for the weekend  and that is not good news if the forecast holds true. The forecast shows 3 or 4 days with snowfalls of 1 to 3 cm after that.

      We are in the final weeks for our lottery draw on Feb 14. If anyone does want to support our club for this year due to our lack of fund raising activities, you can do so by clicking on the Lottery button at the top of this page and do it on-line, or at our local businesses. 36 cash prizes with a $25000 first prize. Some people have purchased up to 10 tickets in support of the club. Have you got yours yet? See below for local avenues for purchasing your ticket.

Kerr's Chainsaw Ltd. Bradley Kerr

City Center. Claude Doucet

West End Sports. Guy Hache

Brunswick Powersports. Yves Mazerolle

Patterson Sales. Chris Young / Andrew Carroll

3-Step Contracting. Marc Poirier

Theriault's Groceries. Jennifer Tardif

Glendenning’s Convenience

Curt’s Auto Repair

Eugene Frenette

Mike Skerry

Marco Leblanc

Marc Hannan

Clayton Chamberlain

Bryan Harris

Denise Lebreton Pokemouche 727-8398

Micheline Basque

David Carroll

Bob Comeau

Don Kenny

Dave Brewster

Richard Dobson

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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