Good Weather for Sledding

07:00 AM - December 20, 2020

Sunday, Dec 20th, Club #1

      It was a beautiful winter day yesterday for snowmobiling. We know there is not a great abundance of snow on our trail system in New Brunswick, but there are good trails already groomed with sufficient snow for good sledding. Namely Christmas Mountains, Moose Valley and points between. The clubs in the north are doing their best to provide some resemblance of a trail system, but sledders must realize the current conditions “it is what it is”. In the Bathurst area you can drop off at Rogers Lake or Nepisiguit (note it may be a bit rough but we packed it with the groomer on Friday), Another good place is the Nine Mile East Road on Trail 23 highway 430 or at the Chaleur club on Trail 19. If you drop off at the Nine Mile East road on Trail 23 then a good suggestion is go 22 at the Nine Mile Shelter and take the 507 down to Red Pine Shelter to Piston Alley, which was given a good scrub last night.

     There doesn’t look like a lot of snow in the immediate future, but there is still four months left, so don’t despair.

On another note:

     The Nepisiguit Sport Lodge Lottery want to thank you so much to all those who have supported the fund raiser to date. This lottery is being held to replace lost revenue from our Wednesday night suppers held during the winter and two major fund raisers in March. These events raise about $45,000 annually and had to be cancelled for the 2021 season due to Covid 19 restrictions and the revenue from the lottery is desperately needed to cover costs associated with trail maintenance throughout the winter.

       The quality of the system draws snowmobilers from all over Atlantic Canada and results in significant tourism dollars estimated in recent studies to be 50 million per season in NB. A high percentage of this revenue is attributed to the Chaleur Region so this trail system is vital for job creation in our area. During a busy season there will be close to 5000 accommodations booked by snowmobilers in Bathurst and surrounding area. Nepisiguit actually has about 1500 annual members and 600 are from PEI and Nova Scotia.

       We are asking all members of our club (1000 members still have not purchased their ticket), all corporations, all citizens who can to buy a $100 ticket to support our Tourism industry which we depend on here so much in the Chaleur Region. These make great Christmas gifts for your friends and relatives. The draw will take place on February 14th at the KC Irving Center.

Tickets are available online at 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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