Good News Bad News + First Update 9.15 AM + Second Update 11.15

09:00 AM - January 04, 2020

11.15 Update: #1 on the trail for an hour heading for Serpentine.
              #3 still on 23 from Rogers Lake down Nine MIle East turned
              at highway 430 and is on the way back to Rogers Lake
9.15 Update: Groomer #1 is being floated to Rogers Lake after repairs. Will be on the trail to Serpentine this morning.

Saturday, Jan 4th, Club #1
    Well we do have a few problems, but I’ll give you the good news first. The #2 has turned into our workhorse as it has been running 24-7 and is still on the trail this morning . It came from East Bathurst on 19 up to Nepisiguit on Trail 23 then to Nine Mile Shelter (502 on the way by) then onto Rogers Lake, change in operators then out to Trail 22 as far as the 301. The #3 New Holland left Rogers Lake and was up to Governors. 
         (Not so Bad News) Ron emailed me last night and this is his report. After a long day the # 1 has been repaired . Also I hooked on the new Mogul Master drag and went to bass river works very nice will be interesting to see on rough trail. Sure cuts well and leaves a nice square edge. I got float lined up for tomorrow morning and Mickey will follow to Rogers lake unload and head for Serpentine going to give it another try. I will send Big blue to popple again tomorrow night with Governors open again piston alley will be busy . The #1 was at Bathurst Heavy Equipment for the repair of the articulation mechanism.The other two groomers don’t have the fuel capacity to go to Serpentine. PLUS there is a washout (Big Puddle) on Trail 22 between the 22/301 intersection and highway 180. There are reports that sleds made it around the marked hazard. And since the 503 is closed this presents a little dilemma as this cuts off traffic between Rogers Lake and Island Lake.
    Here is a report from my friend Gary
"""Hi Don Antonio, George and me left this morning west on trail 22,then 507 to the trail 23 went up to goveners. Then we left goveners on trail 23 towards Serpentine, turning off trail towards Birch lake road,then continued to trail 58 ,looped up to serpentine at Aylres for lunch.Then we left Aylres down to four corners went on candy cane trail over to Mount Carleton park ,we saw the new lodge they have built on trial 19.we left there and got on the new trail 504 witch is beautiful, Ron did a great job signing and grooming. We hit trail 23 at goveners went back to Rogers lake and then to nepisiguit lodge. Good trails good weather all the way,complete loop 310 kms.Moderate sled traffic for Jan 03"" 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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