Good Morning from Bathurst. Did you buy your Lottery Ticket YET

07:00 AM - December 11, 2020

Lottery site is now live and good to go here: 
Friday, Dec 11th, Club #1 
     More snow coming for the weekend with decent snowfall up to 20 cm. Still need more freeze. There are reports that sleds are leaving as low as Nine Mile East on Trail 23. It isn’t advisable to leave from the Nepisiguit Lodge yet due to a mud bog about 7 Km up the trail. The head pond isn’t froze enough yet. (This is the body of water coming up on the 52 from the Miramichi and The Bonne Route Restaurant. 

     I’m getting a lot of phone calls from our members from Nova Scotia and PEI and I’m at a loss as to what to tell them. I would just like to see more direction from our Federation on a concrete statement. 40% of our members are from out of province. The “Early Bird” permit is $185 up until the 15th. The question you have to ask yourself is to take the “wait & see” approach and pay the $265 (+HST) when the borders open or and buy the day passes. Then there are a number of our members that actually own residences here so they have a lot more invested into snowmobiling than just a permit. 
     Our lodge will only open when we have continuous sled traffic coming in from Bathurst & the Miramichi. Yes the Lodge will be open this season. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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