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10:00 AM - February 08, 2020

Update #3   12 PM: Update on grooming: We have three groomers on the go. Ron has been on the #2 since 6 AM East Bathurst to Atlantic Host on Trail 19. Roger has been on the #1 since 9 AM from Nepisiguit Lodge to Rogers Lake on Trail 23. Very slow going as you can imagine with 40 cm down after a baby Noreaster. Troy just left the Lodge at 11.45 AM on the #3 . He is headed down the line to Highway 360 where he will turn back and head for Nine Mile Shelter on Trail 23.
Update#2: The #1 unit left Nepisiguit for Rogers Lake at 9 AM
Update#1: The #2 unit left East Bathurst on Trail 19 for the Atlantic Host. at 6 AM
The other two have to be gotten too. Not sure what their situation is.
Saturday, Feb 8th, Club #1 
 - 10 at post and calling for sun later today. There is close to 40Cm down in Bathurst. I will update as soon as the groomers start moving. In yesterdays post I mentioned this; ”Just a word of caution out there is that don’t ride alone and let your loved ones know where you’re going and use the lodges when you can”. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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