Danny Burger Day, Update 3.30 PM

09:45 AM - February 29, 2020

Update 3.30 PM: Not good news. Engine code problems with the #1 groomer out of Rogers Lake.
         Towed the unit to Bathurst Heavy Equipment. Hopefully back by Monday.
Saturday, Feb 29th, Club #1   The 29th day of February (an extra day in the season)
     Groomers were out yesterday and last night. This is Danny Burger Day at Rogers Lake from 12 PM Noon to 4 PM. This annual event is sponsored by the Big D Drive In Restaurant. All proceed of this event will go right back into Trail grooming for the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club. Rogers Lake Lodge will also have entertainment on hand with music starting at 7 PM. Weather for Saturday will be balmy -2 degrees and partially sunny. Come by car if you wish. Highway 430. 
     Temperatures were in double digits overnight and that will help set up the trails, however with all the anticipated traffic today, I’m afraid the trails will take a pounding with all this new snow. Please be considerate to your fellow snowmobilers by not spinning up the trails. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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