Could be Wet Today + Weather Update 8 AM + Weather Update 4.30 PM

09:00 AM - March 12, 2022

Weather Update 4.30 PM: We rec'd about 4 mm of rain and it is currently -1 and looks like small ice pellets. This will soon turn to snow here in the Bathurst region so all is well. 

Weather update 8 AM: I was looking at the ever changing weather forecast and yes it is changing. It went from 25 mm of rain to a cm of snow this morning, then changing to 5 mm of rain during the day, then back to 5 cm of snow tonight. Currently it is at -4 C and the good part is that the high today will be in the very low ++++, which will not hurt the base. We'll see with fingers crossed.

         As I said earlier this week about the 30 cm of snow we had earlier this week; "it will be a good buffer for what's to come". We'll see what happens today as it looks like a mixed bag of weather.

    In anticipation of what is to come today, Ron had the groomers out in force yesterday and last night. We had the #1 down to Nepisiguit on trail 23 and back to Rogers Lake where we had a change of operators. From there he proceeded to Popple Depot on piston Alley, up through the 503 to Simpson Fields on Trail 19, back down to Trail 23 and is now parked at Rogers Lake. Ron and Jack got the #3 Big Blue mobile and then Jack took it down Trail 19 as far as Highway 360, turned and headed on 23 as far as the Nine Mile shelter. It then returned to the Nepisiguit Lodge. The #2 left the Atlantic host on trail 19, groomed the 501 and the 500, then proceeded on trail 19 to Bass River and back to the shop. We will be doing service on this unit on the weekend.

       We have exactly 9 days remaining before the draw date of March 20 to purchase your Nepisiguit Club Lottery Ticket. We are over the 65 % sales in tickets sold so far and if all tickets aren’t sold, the draw will revert to a 50/50 draw as indicated on the ticket. We are asking those who haven’t purchased their ticket yet to help us reach our goal of 1000 tickets. You can purchase tour ticket the easy way On-Line by clicking    ,or pick up your ticket at our lodge. This is our only major fundraiser and we are counting on your support as this is a major item in going to fund the grooming of the trails.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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