Continuing Grooming with Minor Setback

10:00 AM - March 07, 2020

Saturday, March 7th, Club #1
   -6 in Bathurst. So far we’ve been doing our best with the grooming, but our workhorse the #1 unit has been giving us a lot of headaches and yesterday was no different, when it had to turn back with a coolant leak. With over 16000 hours on this unit in just 10 years it is getting on the tired side with a lot of these minor problems popping up. It does all of our long distance grooming because of the fuel capacity on board and takes care of all the trails west of Rogers Lake, besides the odd runs that are close to RL. Ron was up for the fix and it has been on the trail since 5.30 PM yesterday.
     All trails in the system have been groomed except the 503. Trails 19 from the Host to Bass River, Trail 23 from Nepisiguit to Serpentine, Trail 22 from Nine Mile Shelter to the 301/22 intersection, 502 505 507 506 508 509 504 
      Today, Saturday is our annual Wings and Mussels fest sponsored by Boucher Machining, DonTech Industries, Steve’s Electric, City Center, Junction Lumber. Time is from 1 PM to 4 PM at Rogers Lake Lodge. All monies raised will go back into trail grooming for the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club.
        This last wet storm gave us decent snow from Rogers Lake to Serpentine. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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