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12:00 PM - October 04, 2023

Wednesday, Oct 4th, 2023, Club #1

      Welcome back to the blog. Although it appears that we have not been active through this past spring and summer, on the contrary, we are and will be, very active. President Curt Bennet, Trails Director Ron Scott have been quite active with the Club business and trail maintenance as well other members working on different aspects of the clubs business.

      Ron has been overseeing a major improvement in Trail 19 on “The Line”, with one Bridge completely redecked and another being upgraded. Through the efforts of Curt and committee we received approval from the City to build a small bridge on Trail 501 going to the Civic Center and the Quality Inn and it was just completed in September. The city did pay for all expenses in which we are thoroughly grateful. Ron and crew are currently in progress with the brushing of different trails throughout the system. Ron will also be looking at signage in the coming weeks.

      Tyler Mullin (Shelter Director) is overseeing that wood supply for the shelters is taken care of. Red Brook Shelter on Trail 19 has some wood on hand, but will need more. The new Nine Mile shelter at the intersection of Trail 22 and 23 has received wood and all has been cut, piled and split by Nine Mile shelter director Peter Kenny. This shelter is also going to see a flooring upgrade with new plywood and epoxy coating thanks to “Three Step Roofing”. The Red Pine Shelter on Trail 23 has received wood, but yet has to be processed. Red Pine director Eric Bernier will be getting a crew together shortly to get that done and if you are willing to help with this get in contact with Eric. The Popple Depot shelter at the 503/23 intersection has yet to be put in place and Marc Hannan will be looking after that when the season starts. He says that the wood supply is in good shape.

      The Nepisiguit Lodge has seen another upgrade in the kitchen with new cupboards and also the “crash rescue sled” has seen an upgrade in its storage next to the gas shed. Brian overseen the installation. Also, the firewood has been received and is in storage for the upcoming season. Brian and Joanne are also looking for extra kitchen and maintenance staff at the lodge. If you know of someone that would be suited for these positions please contact us or Brian via this website or other means. We will be also having our weekly “Thursday Night Wings Night” again this year. Contact Brian or Joanne for further information for sponsorship.

       The executive committee met Tuesday Oct 3rd for its first meeting of the new season. All directors gave their reports. We will be seeing a new groomer on our trails again this year. We’ve purchased another Pisten Bully. The older Pisten Bully has been upgraded with at new brush/limb cutting saw.

       The yearly newsletter is in the process of being made and hopefully will be sent out via email or by courier. Please note that our annual general meeting for all members will be held on Tuesday, Nov 28 7PM at the Atlantic Host in Bathurst.

       I want to conclude this first entry by thanking all members of our committee for doing such an excellent job. PLUS a big THANk YOU to all of our sponsors for all their support. Remember our slogan “Buy where you ride” and when signing up for this year’s membership designate the club you wish to be a member of. If you want to be a member of our club, then Club #1 is the club number you give to service NB. For out of province members only, you have a choice of purchasing from SNB or from the club or the Nepisiguit Lodge before Dec 15th at a reduced “early bird fee”. After Dec 15th the fee goes to regular pricing and can be purchased at SNB, Atlantic Host or at our Nepisiguit Lodge clubhouse.

New Decked Bridge on "The Line" Trail 19

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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