Club #1 Annual General Meeting Minutes

10:00 AM - December 03, 2023

Sunday, Nov 3rd, 2023, Club #1

      Good morning from Bathurst. A bit of the white stuff is predicted for overnight and tomorrow. We’ve been going through a few freezing days, which will hopefully help us nearing grooming days. Dec 15 last day for the "early bird permit"

Annual General Meeting Held Last Tuesday Nov 28th   MINUTES

Membership for 2022/2023 was 1315 members. This was up 182 members from the previous year. 

Total Hours Groomed = 1782 Hours   

Trails, signs and bridge report  There is a new sign structure at the intersection just below lodge at 23/510. Most of out trails have beenlooked at (Brush cutting and sign repairs). Brush cutting was done on any trail which was not too wet, including trail 19 from 360 - Blue Mountain - also on trail 19 from 507-301. We cut the rough waters trail from 360 almost down to red brook until it got to wet and soft. We did some cutting along the bypass near the host where possible. We re-decked 2 bridges this fall and a completely new culvert was installed behind the KCI center on trail 501. We put up new trail signs on the 501 going to KCI, but still need a couple more towards the Quality Inn Hotel. Curt and I attended a meeting at the DNR this week and were advised wood operations will be done by the 15th of December on our trail system.        The best news of all is the new groomer has arrived. We will take a couple pics of both Piston Bully Groomers and post them for members to see. Like to say thanks to Brice and Jacob for helping get this work done.

Report on Shelters

All shelters are ready for the upcoming snowmobile season.

Red Brook shelter   Small leak in the roof, repaired by the East Bathurst crew. Wood is cut and piled. Yard cleaned up. Note: We will need new wood shed next year

9 Mile shelter    A new layer of 3/8” plywood on the floor, topped with an epoxy coating donated by Canadian tire and installed by Marc Poirier of 3 step construction. Sprayed for bugs. Yard cleaned up. Wood is cut and piled. Small repair is still needed where one cedar soffit board has been chewed by a squirrel.

Red Pine shelter      Cleaned up and loaded with lots of wood. Sprayed for bugs. Yard cleaned up. May need new wood shed next year.

Popple Pit shelter    Back in position at the pit. New steel skids (Boucher machine shop) installed on wooden skids for ease of transporting from governors to the pit. Filled with wood.

Lodge    Things are coming together nicely at the lodge. New cabinets were installed, wood is in for the season, painting completed in kitchen area. Getting a hold of Gino to complete tile work around fireplace. We also had a few interviews this week, and things are looking good for up coming season at the lodge.

Lottery    2024 Tickets have been designed and approved. Format is the same as previous years. Final print approval was given on Nov. 14th, Tickets are expected to be in-hand by the meeting, and we can begin selling immediately. Draw Date will be Friday, March 22 at the Lodge. This aligns with previous guidance that it NOT be on a Wing Night, while also being a busy night for Lodge traffic.

New Business    A suggestion from the floor regarding a new shelter between the Atlantic Host and the Lodge. Possiblyat Blue Mountain Pit. We will look into this.   Questions regarding the wing night schedule. It’s being populated and must be confirmed with each sponsor before being published.

Have a safe season everyone,

Curt Bennett - President

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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