Closing Message

09:50 AM - March 23, 2020

Monday, Mar 23rd, Club #1
     We’re in our first day of shut down and there is no looking back. Right now we all should be focusing on your community, our families, our friends and neighbors. We are in serious times with family and friends being affected with some being laid off and I’m afraid that this is just a start. I agree that this is a bad way to end a season, but we must all do our part conforming with all the safety measures put in place by our governments. For myself I’m paying attention to my family and friends.  
     For our final message, on behalf of the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club #1 I first want to thank all our members who signed up with the club this year plus all those who rode our trails this past season. We want to acknowledge all of our sponsors, without them it would be impossible to put a product out there for you snowmobilers. Lastly we want to thank Joan, Charlene, Micheline, Jessie & Bryce at the lodge, Ron Scott our director of grooming operations and his operators: Roger, Bryan, Mickey & Troy who all did an amazing job.   
   Going forward the club is in decent shape and we have our usual problems of keeping the system running. We’ll be working on our groomers getting them stored away and making them ready for next year. We opened Trail 504 into the park, which was a big plus to the overall trail system and although we didn’t get the desired right to open the much needed Trail 501 into the city at the beginning of the season, but through consistent appeals to DTI through political and other officials by the club and our City Government we finally got the right to cross highway 11, but this only came in the last two weeks and hopefully will have this in place next season. 
    I will be giving info from time to time on this venue. Stay well Paul.

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