Brapping #3

03:55 PM - January 08, 2019

         We are receiving flack from people who live along our trail system, specifically on the rail bed on Trail 19. I have nothing against pipes, but if you insist in brapping all hours of the night in close proximity of houses, well I’ll leave it to your imagination as to whether we will have a trail in those locations; besides there are laws that prohibit such actions. It is just common sense that we control our sleds in those areas to limit the noise to a bearable level for residents. Laws: 
Under Required Safety Equipment
• Off-road vehicles must have a muffler or exhaust system that complies with the manufacturer’s original specifications   
• Operators are prohibited from driving off-road vehicles that cause excessive or unusual noise  
From concerned snowmobiler:  Greetings, I would like to first of all thank all the staff and volunteers for their great work. Their dedication and hard work maintaining facilities and trails is greatly appreciated. If it weren't for your fine efforts we would not be able to enjoy the excellent quality and diverse trail systems literally right out side my door. which brings me to the point of this correspondence... #19 bisects my property and I enjoy the privilege of having direct access. The trail is a fair distance from my home so I personally have not experienced any noise issues. The issue with excessive noise and speed in areas of homes and residences especially in the area in question is serious. I would be disappointed to see a loss of privilege and loose access to the trail. I believe this issue can be resolved through information and education...We have the wilds of New Brunswick to let loose, but not in someone's back yard let common sense prevail...We don't have mandatory speed limits like Ontario and enjoy the privilege of driving within our "abilities"...We seem to do a good job of policing ourselves, however, this is a serious issue and given the right conditions, may motivate those who wish to legislate our sport further... I hope we can, as a membership, a fellowship of riders and snowmobile enthusiasts, find a common sense solution otherwise we risk, not only loss of trail access, but dare I say, mandatory speed limits... 

From another concerned snowmobiler:         Hello! I agree 100% with the noise message and i hate macho noisy rider! I know this wont solve the problem completely cause like you said before...cant fix stupid and drunk drivers but maybe just a sign at residentiel area letting snowmobilers know that it is a residentiel area and to keep noise to a minimum! Just thinking about new riders (probably not them but....) driving at night..they might not know its a residentiel area! At least lot owners will see that the club made an effort by putting signs along the trails! Just a suggestion....and than again...maybe there are signs and i never noticed!

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