Big Snow Day?? + 11.45 AM Update + Update 1.45 PM + update 4.50 PM

10:00 AM - January 26, 2023

Update 4 .50 PM.  It cleared right up. Sun is out. Received about 5 mm of rain.

Update 1.45PM: It is now raining in Bathurst as well as Nepisiguit. They are calling for up to 20 mm of rain. Oh the pain!!!!!!

Update 11.45 AM: About 20 cm down in Bathurst, but I'm sure much more at Nepisiguit and towards Popple Depot Currently a small ice pellet, which undoubtebly will turn to rain by 1 pm. 

  It is snowing fairly heavy here in Bathurst at the moment. We could be in for 20 to 25 cm here today. The snow will taper off to some rain early afternoon as they are calling for approximately 5 mm of rain.

      Last night we had limited grooming with the #3 out of the Nepisiguit Lodge to Nine Mile shelter on Trail 23 and back. The #1 ran out of Rogers Lake up through Red Pine shelter, 507, Trail 22 as far as the 22/301 intersection, then back to Rogers Lake.

     Are you looking for a trail permit??? If so you all can purchase them on Line at Service New Brunswick (click below on the SNB url) plus if you are from out of province you can also purchase them from us at the Atlantic Host or at our Nepisiguit Lodge from Club #1. On your application indicate club #1 or the club of your choice. We also have daily permits that are also at the above locations.  

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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