April Fools Day: + Update 10 AM

10:00 AM - April 01, 2024

Update 10 AM:     This is Ron’s report from his operator: Mickey just called me and said there is a lot of water on the trail system with some of them with water cuts. He also had to deal with downed trees he had to cut and push off the trail. There is a good amount of snow on Nine mile north, Trail 22 but it is as hard as a rock if you try to cut it just comes up in big chunks. Trail 23 Nine mile east getting to gravel in spots. Nine mile west is a mess he said as there are big water cuts especially along where that gravel pit is. He went through a lot of water on the trails he was on and said the drag is a big piece of ice right now. In hearing that I think we will hold up on grooming for now as there is not much we can do in these conditions. 

        First a belated Happy Easter to all. We want to wish you all a glorious Easter season. No to grooming, we went for a test run last night out of Rogers Lake with Mickey on the #2. Down Trail23 to Red Pine Shelter, 507 to Trail 22 to30, then back on 22 south to Nine Mile shelter and 23 East to the highway 430, then back to Rogers Lake. This should give us a good idea on conditions and the state of the trails. 

Marc Hannan's first hand report: Yesterday morning from Governors to Roger’s lake:

First mile is hitting some gravel under a thin layer of snow, next two miles just maneuver around it, then it’s good going all the way - there is about 10-15 water holes most of which you can navigate around about 5 you got to go through.

From rogers lake to Nine mile shelter to red pine shelter:

Coming out of rogers lake not far about a mile or two is a little wash out but you can get through it on the right side, about a couple miles before nine mile shelter there is a small tree down across the trail but you can get around it on the left, few water holes most of which you just go through. From nine mile shelter to red pine shelter lots and lots of snow really good going, again in the low spots probably 5 water holes most of which you just go through.

Went up to the shelter before Serpentine it was really good going up there, only a few water holes that were starting to freeze up

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