April 15. Last official day of the Snowmobile Season

10:00 AM - April 15, 2021

Thursday, Apr 15th, Club #1

      Not that there was much snow in the last two weeks, but today is the last official day of the snowmobile season. It has been an unusual year, unlike most years as it has been one of the mildest years on record, even though conditions were rather very good from mid January to mid March. Add this to our lack of snowmobilers from outside the province and yes it has been a dismal year. There was very little frost in the ground right from the beginning, which did not help matters near the end of the season.

      The club struggled with the lack of the usual traffic, especially during the week where we would see our visitors and members from our Maritime neighbors. We also had to shut down our Wednesday night suppers and our other fund raisers, which supplements our grooming costs. We offset this with our first ever cash lottery, which was a huge success thanks to our committee and all who participated.

      At this time on behalf of our executive I want to thank all our members and sponsors. A special thank you to our lodge staff; Joan, Joanne, Carl, Vernon and Brian; Our groomer operators, Brian, Roger, Mickey, Jacob and Ron(grooming coordinator and operator).

     We hope that Joan Cull who has been with us for the past 25 years will go on and enjoy her retirement as lodge coordinator. All the best Joan! We’ll miss you.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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