All Groomers out Last Night Preping for Saturday

09:00 AM - January 22, 2021

Friday   Club #1

       -18 this morning. These past 5 nights have done a world of good for grooming as it helped cure up some water spots. All three groomers were on the move last night. If we had another foot of snow, we would be in fantastic shape throughout the system, but we'll take what we have and be thankful. I caution everyone to take their time when sledding, because you never know of all the unknowns out on the trails given the sparse conditions in some areas. 

       Well we finally got to groom our new trail 501. After years of struggling with trying to get a trail for more access to Hotel rooms we finally got approval to get the new trail groomed and established. It runs off Trail 19 between At Anne St and Vanier Blvd down to the Civic Center into the Quality Inn. See map below.


     Our VP Dave Brewster had a very good interview with CBC New Brunswick yesterday regarding the tourism here in New Brunswick. See here

Please check out our 50-50 lottery. In case you don't remember why we are having this lottery, then here is the reason. Every year we raise 40 to 45 thousand dollars via different fund raisers to supplement our grooming costs. This year we can't do it due the Coved crisis. These fund raisers were in the form of our famous Wednesday Night Suppers and two other majors. It is too bad because all these events were so well supported by our members and locals. We are almost at 70 % sold with just over three weeks remaining until the draw takes place. We've had about 60% member to 40% participation so far in sales. Our goal is 1000 tickets with a chance of winning one of 36 cash prizes with a $25000 first prize. You can buy from local business' or our easy on-line button at the top of this page. You might consider sharing a ticket with someone or more than two. This method seems to be quite popular with quite a few people taking part this way. 


Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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