AGM + New Slate of Directors

10:00 AM - November 25, 2022

      Good morning: We had our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday night. It was well attended as we expected. Dave Brewster chaired the meeting and first on the agenda was our financial statement which he had gone through thoroughly. Conclusion is that we are financially very stable going into the new season for 22-23.

      Second was Ron Scott’s (Trails Director) who gave an extensive report on our groomer situation and also an update on our trails for the coming winter. Groomers are all set to go with some minor issues that should conclude by Dec 1. Ron and crew replaced the decking and some sill work on the steel bridge on “The Line” Trail 19 just past the community of Big River. Nine Mile East will be ploughed this winter so we will have the ditch and appropriate signage in place.

     Third was a report from Tyler Mullin (Shelter Director). Tyler gave a very positive report on our shelters and an update on our new Nine Mile Shelter. The club now has a signature shelter.

     Fourth was a report from Dave on the Lodge renovations. All is positive so far and we hope all is ready by 15th of Dec.

     Fifth was a report on our membership. Although our membership is down a bit from the 20-21 season our daily passes were dramatically up by over 700, we feel it is a welcome balance. We also attribute the downturn in members to the covid epidemic and travel restrictions over the last two years. We feel that we are over the hump with this and look forward to some of our NS and PEI members coming back.

      Sixth was the announcement of our 50-50 lottery in which Steve Purcell will be the chairperson. This lottery will start next week after a meeting with our web provider Web Solutions.

     Under new business we have a slate of new officers in line to take over for this coming season. After our meetings this past Spring with a steering committee we delegated a nominating committee to nominate candidates who were interested in stepping up into roles for the new executive and directors. Here are the names that have accepted: 1.Curt Bennett 2. David Hatheway 3. Tyler Mullin 4. Steve Purcell 5. Richard Dobson (Past President) 6. Marc Hannan 7. Peter Kennah 8. Ron Scott 9. Andre Yoston 10. Marc Richard** Accountant 11. Joel Cormier 12.Jansen Branch 13. Brian Demsey 14. Joanne Demsey. This group was motioned in to carry on with electing a new slate of officers. They will meet next week and elect a new executive.

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