A Lot of Grooming to be Done

09:00 AM - January 31, 2022

    This was our first major storm this season. I’m not exactly sure of the snowfall amount, but guessing between 25 and 40 cm. Yesterday the boys were out exactly as the storm ceased and we gave you a decent tracking of our grooming. Both #1 and #2 groomers are still on the trail. Given the amount of snow, it will be well into this week where the trails will resemble anything to what we had pre-storm. The trails will very susceptible to tearing up with sleds doing the Brap-Brap especially with the paddle tracks. We are asking you to give a little respect to the trails and also to the people who are coming after you. There is nothing more discouraging to a groomer operator (and sensible riders) to see his trail torn up by these hot doggers.

      This is the summary of what has been done so far. The # 1 Was down to Nepisiguit on Trail 23 and back to Rogers Lake. On its way back it groomed the Austin Brook 502, Old Theriault Rd, and Shady Lane 509 Clusters. At Rogers Lake we had a change in operator and it moved west on Trail 23 to Red Pine Shelter, up the 507 and onto Trail 22 to the 301 intersection. It backtracked from there on Trail 22 to the Trail 508 (40 Mile Cluster.

) and returned to Rogers Lake. Note that something must have occurred with the groomer as it was supposed to have done out 22 south to Nine Mile Shelter first.  The #2 groomed Trail 19 and 23 to Nepisiguit then back on 23 and 19 East to Bass River and with a change operators it is currently on its way back on 19 west to the Atlantic Host. It will do the 500 down to Riverside Dr and the 500 towards Civic Center. The 510 was also groomed. 

        Nepisiguit Lodge is now back on Level 2 Covid restrictions and is back on our regular hours beginning at 10 AM everyday with full restaurant and gas. Monday & Tuesday to 8 PM, Wednesday and Thursday to 9 PM, Friday and Saturday to 10 PM and Sunday to 7 PM.

        We still have the matter of our Lottery to be after and if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet it is very easy to do so by either on-line or by the list of these sellers below: Nepisiguit Lodge Lisa & Clayton Chamberlain, Darlene LaBonville Marc Hannan , Curt's Auto Repair, , Tyler Mullin West End Sports, Don Kenny, Denise Lebreton in the Acadian Peninsula, Bryce Fisher, Ron Scott, Bob Comeau, Fenton Hickey, Marco Leblanc, Hydraulic Power Plus PEI, Andre Yoston PEI, Betty Yorke.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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