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09:25 AM - March 18, 2020

Wednesday, Mar 18th, Club #1
     -3 at post with overcast called for today. Well we had a mixed bag of grooming yesterday. The #1 covered Trail 23 from Rogers Lake towards Nepisiguit due to an electrical problem with the lights on #3 groomer, which Ron cleared up yesterday afternoon. The #2 left the Host on Trail 19 as far as “The Line” and turned there as we felt that the trail needed an extra brush. Then the #1 left Rogers Lake again on Piston Alley up to Governors and over the 503 and 506. It is still on the trail at post. 
     There is a lot going on with the Coved 19 virus effecting snowmobiling throughout the province. I posted this on our facebook page yesterday and there is going to be more of this as we move on through the week:
Venue Closures and reduced services
1.Sugary: We are sorry to announce that for everyone safety we are going to shut down our brunches on Saturday and Sunday, because of the Corid-19 virus, the rest of the business is still going to run as normal.
2. Mt Carleton closed for the season plus Grooming terminated.
3. Serpentine . Gas only and shelter with snacks. No lodging 
4. The Island Lake Club is sad to announce you that we are going to close our door starting Tuesday march 17 due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) until further notice. Only the gas service will be open to our clients. Thank you for your understanding please share.
5. Visit Governors FP page for their take. Open for business
6. Following the recent world event surrounding the COVID-19 virus, Chaleur Tourism would like you to know that we are working in close coordination with the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick, the province and the other tourism associations in keeping up to date with the events as they unfold. 
STAY SAFE on  and off your sled.

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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