A Little Snow

10:00 AM - February 24, 2023

       First, a big thank you to our cosponsors for the wing night, Cableworks and Naico Engineering for last night’s sponsorship. Also thanks to all who came out.  It was another busy night.  

       Grooming last night saw the #1 out of Rogers Lake on Trail 23 to Red Pine Shelter, 507, Trail 22 north to the 301, then south to Nine Mile Shelter, Trail 23 to Nepisiguit Lodge and back to Rogers Lake via Trail 23. The #2 was out of East Bahurst on Trail 19 to Nepisiguit Lodge then back to the Atlantic Host in Bathurst.

     A little fluff overnight and today plus temperatures holding well into the minus temps gives more insurance to the trail system, but this can change with March around the corner, which is usually an up and down month. Get out and enjoy the trails, which have been very good since the first weeks in January.

SAFETY MESSAGE:  The approaches to some of our highway crossings are icy which can make it hard to get stopped at the stop sign. Please slow down as you see the stop ahead sign so you are able to stop at the proper spot. 

     There are under 5 weeks left for purchasing our lottery ticket. You can purchase your ticket on line by clicking the lottery logo at the top of the page or the URL at the bottom of the page or at our Nepisiguit Lodge.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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