Trail Conditions
Better Day on Sunday
(06:00 AM, Dec 17, 2018)

Monday, Dec 17th, Club #1    6 AM
   It was a little better day on Sunday. We managed to break through to the 22/301 intersection on Trail 22 did the 507. The new groomer went from Bass River to Nepisiguit lodge and back. Today we’ll make another attempt to get to the Host. Read yesterday’s post on the Beaver Pond. We have a dirty bypass for it now. 
    We will be repairing the Beaver Pond Groomer today. We still have a lot of tuning on the trails so be patient. There isn’t a lot of snow in places where the underground is rough. 

Not what you would call a Great Start
(08:00 AM, Dec 16, 2018)

Sunday, Dec 16th, Club #1 8 AM
     Not sure where to start this morning except that we are doing our best despite all of the problem incurred yesterday. Three groomers started out yesterday at 1 minute after 12 Friday midnight . The #1 which is still on the trail at post covered from Nepisiguit Lodge to Popple Depot, the new groomer ran into some program problems and had to curtail its mission.
      The #3 started out great on virgin trails with many fixable along the way from East Bathurst to the 19/23 intersection at highway 360, proceeded towards the Atlantic Host on 19, clearing many huge windfalls using chain saw and groomer blade. Everything was going great until we hit a beaver dam 8AM Saturday morning. Broke though 8 to 10 inches of ice and submersed the groomer into about 5 feet of water. Could not get out with the drag, managed to disconnect it while water was boot deep inside the cab and the complete right side rubbing against a wall of ice on the left side. With persistence and a beast of a machine we managed to get the unit out. We were extremely lucky as we very close to excavator time. We incurred cab damage, one blade hose, and to find out shortly after that all fan blades were broken. It took us 8 hours to travel the next 7 Km to get it hauled to the shop. On top of that the GPS unit was not turned on (very minor). Not a great start, but we’ll get it together. 

A Little Note
(06:00 AM, Dec 15, 2018)

Saturday, Dec 15th, Club #1
    This is just a note to tell you that I will have some kind of a report by sometime today. In the meantime our Nepisiguit Lodge is open as well as all hotels are looking forward to another great season. Most clubs in the province are out grooming, so here’s asking to give them a little time to get all of their trails groomed. 

Tonight is the Night we Start Grooming
(05:30 AM, Dec 14, 2018)

Friday, Dec 14th, Club #1
    We are ready to start the “Midnight Special” tonight. Don’t expect miracles on the first couple of days, because we don’t even know of those famous hidden surprises. It is always a wait and see approach on some sections of trail. As I mentioned yesterday that we got hit with an unknown this week with a drilling company doing work on Trail 23 leaving Governors and up as far as the River Road (10 Km). They are ploughing the left side of the trail and I can imagine the mess we’ll be looking at. I’m going to give you a strait WARNING about this section: SLOW DOWN. We had a fatality last year on similar circumstances. The season is young and a lot of the snow that fell in late October and November has been packed hard with sled traffic so I’m assuming it could be a bit rough out there in spots. 
     Our plan if everything goes right. Starting midnight: The #1 groomer runs Trail 23 from Nepisiguit to Popple Depot and returns to Rogers Lake with a novice operator, makes a double pass on Piston Alley and returns to Nepisiguit Lodge (approximately 20 hours). The old #2 will run Trail 19 from East Bathurst Groomer Garage to the Atlantic Host and back to East Bathurst and down to Bass River then back to Groomer Garage in East Bathurst. The new #2 (operated by Lamtrac operator) will run from East Bathurst to Nepisiguit and back to East Bathurst as part of a groomer performance study by Lamtrac. 
     From word at the Falls the trail from Nepisiguit to Rogers Lake is very decent. Some clubs in the north including our own are still dealing with trees brought down during the last wet snowfall about two weeks ago. Trail from the Host to Nepisiguit to Serpentine are clear. Trail 22 from the 507 to Island Lake is passable, but laddened with trees. 
     Our Nepisiguit Lodge will be opened from Saturday through the season. The exterior of the lodge has slightly new look and you’re going to be surprised on the new interior look as well. Open for delicious food and supreme gas. If you’re not running a sled, come on up anyway and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Headpond very safe to cross.
     I will not be able to give you a report in the morning as I will be out on the groomer. For starters we always like to have two operators aboard because of all the unknowns. Be patient and we’ll get her done. I know from a lot of history that a few may not understand why some trail are not groomed and that is okay, because like I said ”they don’t understand”. Drive safe out there and don’t become a statistic. 

What to do with your garbage:
(11:00 AM, Dec 13, 2018)

In your car when driving:
When you’re finished your Tim’s coffee, Roll down the window and chuck it.
When you’re finished your MacDonald’s Meal, Roll down the window and chuck it. When you’re finished your can of soda, Roll down the window and chuck it.
Out on your snowmobile:
When you’re finished your canned drink, just throw it on the side of the trail.
When you’re finished your bagged lunch, just throw the remains on the side of the trail.
When you’re at the shelters, just throw your garbage on the ground, someone will pick it up.
Did you ever hear of anything so ridiculous, to think that people actually think that way. PLEASE DON’T THROW YOUR GARBAGE. If you brought it with you, then you can take it home or dispose at a proper disposal, for example; a garbage can or bag. It looks like a big barrel and usually has a plastic bag in it. Does this make sense? YES!!!!!! This year, let’s take this mind set with you out on the trails.

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile  club #1, which is the oldest snowmobile club in the province, has the largest membership in New Brunswick with 949 registered last season (826 for 15/16),  (849 for 14/15), (794 for 13/14), (809 for 12/14), (765 for 11/12), (579 for 07/08) with a strong Nova Scotia and PEI contingent and maintains a trail system about 400 Kilometers in length. The club started in 69/70 with one small groomer with membership fees of $10 and groomed  about 175 Km in the area between Brunswick Mines (Old Theriault Rd), Highway 430 (Nine Mile East Rd), and the now Caribou Mines.

Trails were designated and signed by such names as Caribou, Bear, Fox, Rabbit and Beaver. Log shelters were built along the trails and were also designated with animal names. One unique feature at the beginning was that all traffic was in one direction. It made for safer trails as the drags were only so wide. The trails were made in a series of 5 loops and one could vary their trip in any combination of loops as they so wished. We only use a small percentage of these trails today in our present system< namely: Nine Mile East, Nine Mile North, Rio, and the Forty Four. As time progressed  the trails expanded closer to Nepisiguit Falls where the Bathurst Fish and Game Ass. had built a lodge which is currently the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge. Then it progressed into Bathurst to the Atlantic Host Motor Inn.  Then the trail system blew up into the Chaleur area ( we were all one club back then) and down to the Miramichi to the Belfont area where there was a thriving club house.

Of course everything was dependent on the volunteer. Some of the founders were Howard Doucet , Bud Kenny, John Labonville  and there were a few more, plus loads of volunteers.  

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The Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club is located just south of Bathurst in the community of Nepisiguit Falls overlooking the Nepisiguit River.


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