Feb 15 - Feb 17

The 2019 Snowmobile Rally (Tour de Chaleur) - Websolutions.ca, Brunswick Powersports, Kerr’s Chain Saw Ltd , West End Sports and Lamtrac International

The 2019 Snowmobile Rally ( Tour de Chaleur)    
Starting in Bathurst,New Brunswick
February 15-17

On the weekend of February 15th -17th we are hosting a wonderful snowmobile experience for all Atlantic Canada and beyond. This is the first year of the event and it is called the Tour de Chaleur. It offers all snowmobilers an opportunity to come to our Chaleur Region and experience snowmobiling at its best.

The event is hosted by the three main snowmobile clubs in the region, Nepisiguit, Chaleur and Supervillage of Belledune. All three clubs will have their trails groomed and ready for all participants. There will be special events at all three clubs with numerous prizes and food available.

This event is being hosted to say thank you to all our supporters over the years who continue to travel to the Chaleur Region for their snowmobiling.
We hope you will join us for this great weekend. We will have logoed hats and Hoodies available for sale at very reasonable prices so please take advantage of these specials. We are looking forward to meeting everyone and hope you will become part of this event whether you are local or out of town snowmobilers.

Nepisiguit Club #1

The Nepisiguit Snowmobile  club #1, which is the oldest snowmobile club in the province, has the largest membership in New Brunswick with 949 registered last season (826 for 15/16),  (849 for 14/15), (794 for 13/14), (809 for 12/14), (765 for 11/12), (579 for 07/08) with a strong Nova Scotia and PEI contingent and maintains a trail system about 400 Kilometers in length. The club started in 69/70 with one small groomer with membership fees of $10 and groomed  about 175 Km in the area between Brunswick Mines (Old Theriault Rd), Highway 430 (Nine Mile East Rd), and the now Caribou Mines.

Trails were designated and signed by such names as Caribou, Bear, Fox, Rabbit and Beaver. Log shelters were built along the trails and were also designated with animal names. One unique feature at the beginning was that all traffic was in one direction. It made for safer trails as the drags were only so wide. The trails were made in a series of 5 loops and one could vary their trip in any combination of loops as they so wished. We only use a small percentage of these trails today in our present system< namely: Nine Mile East, Nine Mile North, Rio, and the Forty Four. As time progressed  the trails expanded closer to Nepisiguit Falls where the Bathurst Fish and Game Ass. had built a lodge which is currently the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge. Then it progressed into Bathurst to the Atlantic Host Motor Inn.  Then the trail system blew up into the Chaleur area ( we were all one club back then) and down to the Miramichi to the Belfont area where there was a thriving club house.

Of course everything was dependent on the volunteer. Some of the founders were Howard Doucet , Bud Kenny, John Labonville  and there were a few more, plus loads of volunteers.  

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Bathurst Trails - Nepisiquit Sports Lodge

The Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club is located just south of Bathurst in the community of Nepisiguit Falls overlooking the Nepisiguit River.


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